Law firm TESET

About us

In 2014, with a view of putting together a team of legal professionals capable of responding to dynamic business needs and capable of providing legal services which meet such needs, we started our activities.

TESET is more than a law firm. We are reliable partners of our clients providing the premium quality business law services.

We have considerable and valuable experience in the market of specialised legal services, so we are well aware of present-day corporate clients’ needs, and we can implement them flexibly. Our experience gained in advising business on legal issues, deep knowledge of business needs, creative approach and prompt response to clients’ tasks are our strengths contributing to the success of our clients’ business.

Our philosophy

We believe that every project we do must create an added value to the client. We adhere to the duties of complete confidentiality and reliability. These values are closely related to our name – we coded the Lithuanian word “tesėti” in it, which in English means “to keep promises”. This reflects our philosophy – always to keep the promises made to the client.

How We Work?

Our work policy

  • We provide only premium quality legal services.

    We ensure the premium quality of provided legal services by individual approach towards the client’s needs and continuous improvement of a relevant industry knowledge. We provide clear legal advice in a language understandable to business.

  • We offer practical solutions for business.

    We provide a client with the legal advices which can be put into practice. Only such practical solutions increase the value for clients, reduce the assumed risk, and actually help to solve the problems. We do not offer theoretical solutions, but we do offer practical solutions and their potential alternatives – just what a successful business requires.

  • We are available 24/7

    We believe that our clients should not be left in the dark and wait for a long time for an answer regarding fees for services, delivery dates, etc. Our core principle of work is to be always available. We always seek to answer every call or email from our clients and, if we are unable to do that, we contact our client as soon as possible.

  • We respond promptly to tasks and challenges

    We always seek to act as quickly as possible. We are confident that by prompt respond to clients’ needs we can avoid stressful situations more easily, and successfully deal with the relevant issues.

  • We always meet deadlines

    We provide our services within agreed deadlines. In case we see that we are unable to meet the agreed deadlines due to unforeseen circumstances, we inform a client in advance and agree on a new deadline for a task.

  • We are focused to a long-standing partnership

    To meet expectations of our clients, we adhere to the principle to analyse the client’s needs in a long-term perspective, as only such legal advices can contribute to successful development of our clients’ business.

  • We responsibly avoid conflicts of interest

    We give the highest priorities to the interests of our clients; therefore, we impeccably adhere to one of the core principles of lawyers’ activity – avoidance of conflicts of interest.

Legal advisement

How can we help you?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We respond promptly to tasks or challenges and we are available 24/7.