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This privacy policy (hereinafter – the Policy) provides basic information on the processing of personal data of customers of the Professional Law Partnership TESET, visitors of the internet website, persons who submit requests, subscribers to newsletters and candidates to staff  members.

Your personal data controller is the Professional Law Partnership TESET, legal entity code 303307107, head office address: Jogailos g. 4, LT-01116 Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – TESET), mobile phone: +370 68137655, email:

If any questions related to this Policy or your personal data protection issues arise, please contact TESET using the above specified contacts.

Please note that this Policy may be updated. The current version of the Policy is available on TESET website ( We recommend that you periodically check the Policy for amendments.


  1. In order to provide good quality and effective legal services, TESET processes personal data of their customers (inter alia, of the customers’ employees or other representatives) and other persons whose data must be processed in the context of customer orders. TESET processes such personal data in performing legal services contracts concluded with customers and implementing requirements of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Bar and other legal acts.
  2. In providing legal services, TESET may process the following personal data of its customers and other persons:
  3. Personal data (name, surname, represented company and position, citizenship data, personal identification number, etc.);
  4. Contact details (address of the place of residence, email address, phone number, etc.);
  5. Other data necessary for the provision of the respective legal services.
  6. TESET may obtain the data of customers and other persons necessary for the provision of legal services directly from the customers themselves or from other legitimate data sources such as the SE Centre of Registers, bailiffs, notaries, courts, extra-judicial bodies, public institutions and agencies, etc.
  7. Regardless of the manner in which personal data were collected, TESET processes received personal data in accordance with requirements of legal acts, personal data processing principles and to the extent necessary to ensure the proper provision of legal services or due discharge of legal obligations binding on TESET.
  8. Unless otherwise provided for by legal acts, TESET stores personal data of their customers and other persons involved in the provision of legal services during the period of validity of legal service contracts and for additional 3 years after the expiry of such contracts.


  1. When you visit (hereinafter – the Website), may process your IP address and other network data (such as connection time, device and browser data, communication provider’s data, etc.). Such data are collected through cookies and/or similar technological solutions with the consent of users.
  2. Cookies are small files sent to the web browser you use and stored on your device. Cookies are transferred to your device when you first visit the Website. Cookies aim to ensure the swift, convenient and safe operation of the Website, and to analyze the habits of its visitors. This makes it possible to better tailor the Website to the needs of visitors. Certain types of cookies (e.g., minimum cookies) are necessary for the proper functioning of the website, and if they are refused, the Website may fail.
  3. You can change cookie settings in your web browser’s settings. For more useful information about cookies, how to control and remove them please is available on the websites, and cookies/index_en.htm.
  4. The Website uses these cookies:
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  1. TESET processes your personal data when you contact us by email or submit request on the Website.
  2. When you submit a request, TESET processes the received data with a view to properly administering these incoming requests, ensuring the quality of the services provided, and, if necessary, protecting the rights and legitimate interests of TESET (or other persons). This processing of such personal data is carried out on the basis of your consent, i.eyou’re your active actions of applying to TESET.
  3. Upon receiving of your request, TESET May process your personal data: the name, email address, and any other information you specify in the request (personal data, contact details, etc.). When submitting requests, we recommend that you comply with at least the minimum requirements for the protection of personal data, i.e. if it is not necessary to disclose certain information for the purpose set, do not specify such information.
  4. The total retention period for personal data provided in the request is up to 3 years. If this is necessary for the protection of rights and legitimate interests of TESET (or other persons), proper handling of requests, handling a complaint or resolving a dispute, as well as in other cases specified in legal acts, your personal data may also be retained for a period longer than the period specified above.


  1. If you subscribe to TESET newsletters sent by email, TESET processes your personal data for direct marketing purposes. Newsletters may contain relevant legal information (which in no way can be considered to be legal advice) and news related to TESET activities.
  2. In this case, personal data are processed on the basis of your consent, i.e. when you subscribe to these newsletters on the Website. For this purpose, TESET processes the data of your email address.
  3. You may refuse subscription to sent newsletters at any time. You can do this by clicking a link at the bottom or in writing (e.g., by email) to notify TESET by contacts specified in this Policy.
  4. Personal data processed for direct marketing purposes is retained for 3 years from the date of receipt of your consent unless you withdraw such consent by the expiry of this time limit. The processing of such data will be terminated upon expiry of the said time limit or upon withdrawal of your consent.
  5. Please note that TESET customers, who do not object to processing personal data for direct marketing purposes, may also receive by email information messages about legal services offered by TESET or other news related to TESET activities. Such processing of personal data is carried out on the basis of legitimate interest of TESET in order to inform their customers of other similar legal services provided by TESET. TESET customers can refuse (e.g., by email) receiving such information messages sent to them by email.


  1. TESET processes your personal data for recruitment purpose if you have provided information about yourself (e.g., your CV, motivation letter, etc.) when applying for a job position. In such a case, TESET processes your personal data on the basis of the obtained consent, which is expressed by your active actions when submitting the above referred data.
  2. The retention period of personal data you provide depends on the time limit for the particular recruitment process. Once the recruitment is completed, TESET will no longer process your personal data unless you express your individual consent to such processing.
  3. If you send the CV, motivation letter or other personal data to email addresses listed on the Website without announcing the selection of candidates by TESET, you agree that TESET may process such personal data from you for the purposes of subsequent staff recruitment purposes for up to 1 year.
  4. When providing your personal data, we recommend that you comply with minimum requirements for the protection of personal data and do not provide excessive information not related to your application.


  1. TESET may involve certain data processors, i.e. service providers for processing your personal data. Such processors might be data storage companies, software developers, support companies, IT system maintenance service providers, communications service providers, online business analytics provider, etc. Your personal data may be disclosed to these data processors involved by TESET, only to the extent necessary for the provision of their respective services.
  2. In providing legal services, TESET may transfer certain processed personal data to other data recipients related to the provision of these legal services, such as to TESET customers, notaries, bailiffs, courts, law enforcement bodies, state and municipal enterprises, institutions and organisations.


  1. With respect to your personal data, you have the following rights:
  2. Right to access your personal data and be informed of way in which it is processed;
  3. Right to rectification of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete data;
  4. Right to erasure of your personal data;
  5. Right to restrict the processing of personal data;
  6. Right to transfer your personal data to another data controller or to provide directly in a form convenient to you;
  7. Right to object to the processing of your personal data if it is processed on a legitimate interest basis;
  8. Right to withdraw at any time the consent given to the processing of personal data in those cases when personal data is processed on a separate consent basis.
  9. Regarding the implementation of the aforementioned rights of the data subject and all other matters related to personal data processing, please contact TESET in writing by the contacts specified above in this Policy.
  10. If you believe that your personal data is being processed unlawfully or that your rights and legitimate interests related to personal data processing are being violated, you have the right to apply to the State Data Protection Inspectorate and bring a relevant complaint. However, in all cases, it is advisable to contact TESET first before bringing the complaint with the supervisory authority in order to find the best solution acceptable to both parties.