Professionals of law firm TEET successfully represented insurer in dispute regarding extremely large insurance indemnity

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Professionals of the law firm TESET successfully represented one of insurers operating in Lithuania in a dispute regarding extremely large insurance indemnity (the total amount of the insurance indemnity claimed by a plaintiff exceeded 4 million euros).

The plaintiff claimed the insurance indemnity under two insurance agreements: the corporate property insurance agreement and the business interruption insurance agreement. During the claims management, the insurer refused to pay the insurance indemnities, arguing, among others, that the plaintiff had committed extremely serious multiple breaches of the insurance agreements. The insurer upheld this position during the entire judicial examination of the cases as well.

Professionals of the law firm TESET represented the interest of the insurer during the claims management procedures, drafted procedural documents of the court cases, collected additional evidences supporting the insurer’s position and represented the interests of the insurer at the court hearings.

After an examination of the case material and positions of the parties, the courts of the first instance and the appellate instance upheld the legal position of the insurer and dismissed the claims in its entirety. The court of the cassation instance refused to accept the plaintiff’s cassation claims.

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